Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Peak Bagging

I was busy this year! Starting July 7th with Mt. Humboldt and Ending October 1st with Mt. Lincoln, I climbed a total of 21 summits of 14ers. This includes 131 miles of hiking (all at high altitude) and 53,800' of elevation gain. This brings my overall total to 29/58 Colorado 14ers!

This is on the Summit of Mt. Lindsey in the Sangre De Cristo Range on August 27th. The weather was just about perfect, and this strange cloud started forming behind us on the summit.

Sarah Nguyen captured me standing on an unnamed point near the summit of Handies Peak in the San Juan mountain range some 13,000+ feet above sea level. I ventured a little off-trail to do some exploring.

This picture is taken on the summit of Redcloud Peak on July 15th. It was my 10th summit. I am with a group from work that loves to climb mountains and have a good time!