Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2013 Climbing Schedule

Well, here we go. For 2013 I'll be hiking a little less than last year, but it won't be easy. I have 9 mountains to go and only a couple could be considered "easy".

June 22-23: Snowmass Mt.
This is one of the longest single hikes, at 20.5 miles round trip. It's an 8-mile approach hike gaining about 3k feet to the lake. Unique challenges include- crossing a log bridge across a large lake, climbing a very large fairly steep snowfield, and navigating loose and trecherous rocks near the top.

Snowmass Mt. on the left

June 28-29: Huron Peak AND Mt. Antero
How to make some otherwise boring Sawatch mountains more interesting? How about 2 in one day?

Huron Peak left center

We are going to do Huron Peak in the morning and then tackle Mt. Antero, hopefully summitting before Sunset and then hurrying down as it gets dark. We did this same concept last year and it was kind of interesting.

July 20th- The Wilson Group.  This will be "Epic Adventure 3" for Scott and I. Not only will we need to drive 6 hours across the state, but then attack 3 difficult, steep and rocky mountains and one of the 4 "great traverses" of the 14ers, the El Diente to Mt. Wilson traverse. After than fun time we will hike out, drive about an hour around the massif and tackle Wilson Peak from the back side / Rock of Ages Saddle the next day, and then drive home. So in 72 hours we'll get a lot done, except sleeping and relaxing.

Mt. Wilson Center, El Diente and Wilson Peak to the right

Little Bear: A notoriously dangerous "hourglass" gulley and a hot and dry approach hike up an extreme 4x4 road.

Little Bear Peak, as seen from Blanca Peak

Pyramid Peak: Another Elks classic, this one features class 4 moves and a steep and rocky "green gulley" that is sure to get your attention. The loose rock is notoriously bad on this one.

Pyramid Peak- as seen from North Maroon Peak

And finally:
Capital Peak- August 27th-28th:
Taking my parents on the approach hike. We will hike about 7 miles in, and then summit the next morning. This is one of the most notorious 14ers in colorado because of the extremely exposed and scary "knife edge" section followed by a steep, rocky, and exposed scramble to the summit.

If everything goes well and we get everything done, that will be all 58 of the Colorado 14ers.