Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It means something more

A couple weeks ago, when we were high up on Ellingwood Point, I happened to notice some climbers on the summit of Little Bear Peak. I zoomed in all the way and captured this image.
I posted something about it on, and I found out who the people were. The hardcore 14er climbing community in Colorado can be a "small world". It also happened to be someone we chatted with on our way down following our climbs.

I got this PM:

I really appreciate you posting these pictures. This was my last 14er so it was a memorable day for me. I also spread my dog's ashes on top because he was my climbing buddy for the longest time. Can you e-mail me these pictures to [redacted] .

Climbers visible on the summit, albeit about 3/4 mile away. If only I'd had my 300mm zoom lens!
Little Bear Peak is the pinnacle of Colorado 14er climbing in many ways. It's dangerous, exposed, and amazing all at the same time. It makes other 14ers look like a grassy hill (and some are).

I hate to bug you. I took one of your pictures off the web, but somehow didn't get the large file when I did it. Wolf Camera was able to find the link to your site to the large file and blew it up for me. The framer screwed up the photo -- It's the one where we are on little bear and where you see more of the mountain (ie. the LB-Blanca Ridge).
It's cool to be a part of a meaningful memory like this, even if I was only an outside observer. As a community when we keep our eyes open and our hearts pure, amazing things can happen. I am thrilled that someone would actually want to blow up and frame a picture that I snapped. :)

"The Bear" as seen from below on Lake Como Road. This is not an easy climb from any angle.

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